10 Celebrity Kids To Vicariously Live Through Even If You’re In Your Twenties

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Sometimes when I'm in the middle of a typical humdrum, Quaker-oatmeal-cubicle-drone kind of day, I find myself daydreaming about the lives of celebrity children.  Well, not daydreaming so much as perusing gossip sites during my lunch break, but you get the idea.  Celebrity kids can be pretty fascinating. They're all freakishly good-looking, better styled and more privileged than most people will ever achieve in their lives… just because they happened to be born to famous parents.

I happened to be born to two regular Joes who had one night of teenage passion that spawned 22 years of hate-marriage.  While they were pretty great at keeping the Christmas present count even and plentiful, they were definitely not the type of parents to dub my sister and I “dem babies” and dedicate an entire website to us so we could garner our own fan base.  And I forgive them for that. I turned out to be pretty well-balanced, educated and independent.  Nonetheless, because of that or perhaps in spite of it, I am fascinated with celebrity kids.

Here's a top ten list of babies, children and teens to envy.  You're welcome.

(Lead Image: Juan Sharma, PacificCoastNews.com)