11 Celeb Kids With Instagrams So Ridic They Should Be On #RichKids of Beverly Hills

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Summer Heights High Queen of the Rich


I'm not even ashamed of how many hours I spend stalking the Instagram accounts of really rich and famous people. Especially of insanely rich celebrity kids. Yes, it usually makes me slip into a chant of “You've got to be kidding me,” because they do things like wash their hair with champagne, as I eat my fifth Ramen meal of the week. But, what can I say? It's a form of self-torture similar to that fancy bathroom sink nail trick in Black Swan (also, so sorry about that mental image that you now have.)

And now, because everyone who's anyone has a reality show at some point, these rich kids are getting a reality show on E! called #RichKids of Beverly Hills. The show, which is inspired by the Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr account, is about a group of 20-somethings who come from very well-off families, some of which include famous celebrities. And I'm guessing that the hashtag in the title is just the beginning of the obnoxiousness to come, which, of course, means that I'll be glued to the TV whenever it's on. So, to celebrate E!'s newest moneymaker, I thought it'd be fun to point out all of the rich celebrity kids whose Instagram accounts prove that they're totally filthy rich enough to have been on the show. What gives, E! Network?!

1. Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Rich and Famous Parent(s): Kris and Bruce Jenner

Hello! These two are a goldmine if you happen to be looking for celebrity kids who use Instagram the way that it was intended: to make sure you remember how rich they are. Posting a photo of 5 of the same Mercedes jeep in their vast driveway with the caption “typical”? That's standard stuff over in Kardashianland.

2. Tiffany Trump

Rich and Famous Parent(s): Donald Trump

You name a tropical vacation and Tiffany has been on it. And I can't think of anything better on a reality show about rich people than someone who won't shut up about “the time they got food poisoning in Bora Bora.”

3. Connor Cruise

Rich and Famous Parent(s): Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Um, sorry if you thought that I was getting through this list without including a member of the Cruise family. It would have been the ever charming Suri, but she hasn't figured out how to get Katie Holmes to stop sending her daily follow requests, so her account is still private as far as I know.

4. Ireland Baldwin

Rich and Famous Parent(s): Alec Baldwin

Because when she isn't defending her dad's homophobe nature, Ireland loves a good scenic paddleboard and tan sesh and ski trip and wow, it turns out she's on vacation a lot.

5. Emma Roberts

Rich and Famous Parent(s): Eric Roberts

True, Emma is an actress in her own right. But she also comes from a ridiculously wealthy family. And there's nothing she likes more than a good ol' fashioned photo of her shopping slash photo of the really expensive thing she just bought.

6. Patrick Schwarzenegger 

Rich and Famous Parent(s): Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

I'm sorry, have you ever brought in a new year with a cigar in Malibu? Case closed.

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