Celebrity Kids We’d Like To See More Of In 2013

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Louis Bullock

Here at Crushable, we're not shy about our love of celebrity kids, mainly because we hope that one day some of them will come calling upon us to ghostwrite their scandalous memoirs.  [Ahem, Suri Cruise…I'm looking at you.]

While we totally respect the celebrity parents who try to keep their kids out of the spotlight, that doesn't mean that we don't enjoy take joy in their adorable little faces and hilarious public tantrums.

And as much as we absolutely love making fun of celebrity mom bloggers who are completely out of touch with parenting reality (Gwyneth, I'm now looking at YOU), we prefer it when the celebrity parents take a backseat and let their kids steal the show.  We don't need to hear about your obsession with wooden toys, organic kale-based formula, self-cleaning diapers made of gold, or how your toddler emails you from his iPad.

We're estimating that we have until the end of summer 2013 before the KimYe fetus takes over the media and thus the world, so to hold us over we'd like to see more of the celebrity kids whose cool celebrity parents keep on the down low. We still have love for Suri, Kingston, and (sometimes) the Smith duo.  No worries.  We just want to see more of these celebrity kids in 2013: