11 Totally Adorable Celeb Interviews From Actors Before They Grew Up And Got Super Famous

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Do you ever watch your old home videos and cringe at how annoying you were or sigh at how beautiful you looked at your dance recital? These videos are kind of like that except all these celebrities were soooo much more successful than you are now when they were just starting out. Back before Lindsay Lohan was making sex lists and admitting to relapsing on the Oprah docu-series Lindsay, she was talking about being super prepared for movie roles, because you can’t just wing it and stumble out of your den of sin apartment three hours late. Oh Linds, how far you’ve fallen.

Check out these celebrity interviews when they were younger and try to keep from squeeing from all the adorbs!

Bruno Mars, 1989

Who knew Bruno Mars did such a fabulous Elvis impression? I want to go back in time and pinch his little cheeks and tell him he’ll be super famous one day and play at the SuperBowl half time show and watch him get all shook up.

Angelina Jolie, 1991

Ang looks like a full grown woman here and she is just 16. Seriously. And she’s very much the Billy Bob Thorton-dating, brother-kissing Jolie in this vid…I mean, she wants a weapons room for goodness sake. Yeah. I don’t care what Elle Fanning says about her being super approachable, now she’s this unattainable super serious Mama with scary arms and perfect cheekbones. And that is a pretty big transformation, so kudos, I guess.

Tom Cruise, 1983

Before he was a couch jumper on national television, wed Katie Holmes and had little fashionista Suri, there was just Tom Cruise doing press for Risky Business on The Merv Griffin Show. Tom, I miss those days. Stop being so weird so I can enjoy you again. Or like, go full bat-shit crazy so I can care about news concerning you again. Either one.

Drew Barrymore, 1983

Drew Barrymore is a child star gone bad, turned good, and now a Mama of two. Here she is as an adorable tiny person talking about E.T. and saying silly things like Prince Charles laughs like Santa Clause. It’s amazing to think that at this point, she had no idea her career would be full of bad Adam Sandler jokes and generally a bad Adam Sandler himself.

Neil Patrick Harris, 1989

Doogie Howser was NPH’s breakout role, even though most of us know him as How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney Stinson. In this video he seems like a very well adjusted teenager who just happens to be an actor. Who knew he would grow up to be the singing father of two we know and love today?

Lindsay Lohan, 1997

Oh, LiLo. I look back at her Parent Trap days so fondly. Back when I actually thought she was a twin, she seemed to be heading in the right direction. After all her crazy shenanigans, don’t you wish she could go back to the times of sweetness and no sad side boob? I am still pulling for your career revival, Lindsay!

Ryan Gosling, 1994

Hey girl, this isn’t exactly an interview, but who can resist young Ryan Gosling showing us around his hometown of Cornwall, Ontario? It’s worth watching just to see him talk about Cornwall’s CornFest and how everyone eats corn there. And he dances too, just like the little dorky Mouseketeer he was. Thanks to him being famous from puberty, we have allllllll the adorable awkward videos to watch, so thanks Ry.

Beyoncé, 1999

It was pretty clear from the beginning of Destiny’s Child in their first interview that Beyoncé would end up being the breakout star. This is a much younger and much more candid Bey than we’re used to seeing. She’s also rocking pretty sweet matching outfits and very 90’s makeup. And there are two girls in this interview that no one cares about. Seriously, what even happened to the other Destiny’s Child girls? Has anyone checked on them? Are they okay?!

Leonardo DiCaprio, 1993

Teenage Leo is SO DARN CUTE. I feel like we’ve all watched his transformation from sarcastic teen on Growing Pains to the serial model dater and Oscar-less superstar we all love today. The interviewer asked him about being a budding sex symbol and he was pretty cool with, as was I. I’m not even going to pretend that I didn’t have a fan book devoted to him when I was younger. I’ll never let go, Jack!

Julia Roberts, 1989

Julia shared her screen time with a dalmatian while she was promoting Steel Magnolias on the Late Show with David Letterman. The dalmatian actually totally upstages her, but that’s totally Letterman’s fault. She’s rocking her big curls and huge smile that would make her the prettiest and luckiest hooker in all the land when Pretty Woman came out in 1990.

Natalie Portman, 1995

Natalie is only 14 in this Letterman interview, but she looks EXACTLY the same as she does now. I can literally not tell the difference between her then and her now. You get two-for-one in this video, with a young and attractive (yeah, I’m surprised I’m saying this too) Alec Baldwin chilling next to her. Natalie is charming and very intelligent, and you can tell that it totally makes sense that she eventually attended Harvard University.