Celebrity Selfies Prove That Celebs Feel The Pressure To Be Perfect Just As Much As We Do

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Celebrity Selfies Prove That Celebs Feel The Pressure To Be Perfect Just As Much As We Do selfie gif

You know that section in all the grocery store magazines that feature pictures of celebrities pumping gas and picking their noses with the caption, “Stars—they’re just like us!” Well, those examples may be weird and obvious, but the caption isn’t wrong. Once you take away all the fancy clothes and notoriety, they really aren’t too different from all of us normals. They want to wear sweatpants to brunch and date who they want without being bothered and without being photographed. But they can’t because, just like us, they’re influenced by media pressure and standard social norms.

Before you tell me that I’m wrong or that I’m just projecting my views of media influence, let’s think about one of the most obvious and publicly accessible forums that display a sort of caving to the pressure: celebrity selfies. Selfies were huge in 2014. We had Kim Kardashian‘s selfie bookJustin Bieber‘s awful half-naked selfieJames Franco‘s official list of selfie-taking rules, photoshopped selfies, and, of course, the infamous Selfie of the Oscars. As much as we like to point out the constant Photoshopping and analyze the meaning behind each and every post, it’s actually pretty sad to see how far celebrities feel like they have to go to convince us that they’re lives are as perfect and as glamorous as we all think they are.

Let’s take a look at some helpful visual aides:

First up, Beyoncé:

Ain’t nothin’ like a warped wine glass and cell phone to prove to the world that you’re Photoshopping skills aren’t up to snuff not Photoshopping anything, am I right? Here’s the media standard: All women need to be thin and have a thigh gap and GOD FORBID YOU SHOULD HAVE THE BODY OF A REAL WOMAN OR SO HELP ME. Everyone knows that Queen Bey is perfect and gorgeous and real, and that last particular descriptor is the reason she’s a role model for so many women. She doesn’t need to Photoshop her body to make us think those things.

Next we have Kylie Jenner:

Celebrity Selfies Prove That Celebs Feel The Pressure To Be Perfect Just As Much As We Do kyliejenner jpgHere we have yet another instance of obvious Photoshopping—you can see the pixelation around her legs (and the fact that this photo was removed and shortly replaced with this one is rather telling). She’s trying to adhere to the same media standard as Beyoncé, but what’s particular upsetting is that Kylie’s SO young. If we’re getting honest, this seemed like only the beginning of a seriously sad downward spiral into media peer pressure, because not long after this, she started showing off her now infamously big lips.

And, finally, we have this particular selfie:

As you can see, it features Taylor SwiftAmanda SeyfriedKate Upton, and Taylor’s friend Britany Maack sitting court side at a Knick’s game. The standard here? Celebrities’ lives are all so glamorous! Look at all of the fancy and exclusive things they do because they’re famous! If these activities were things that celebrities felt they could do without being watched, there would be no pictures taken, but because they feel pressured by the media to be these glamorous people, they take photographic evidence.

These people have their own lives, but they’re lived under the watchful eye of tens of millions of followers, probably more. I know I’d find it pretty hard to be myself, or at least not succumb to pressure at least a little if I were in their shoes. Granted, there are celebrities who seem to be able to come out on top, named Jennifer Lawrence and the best couple ever, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. But, for the most part, their own personal social media profiles are entirely influenced by media pressure, and that’s the sad reality in which we live.

So, on that note, I have a New Year’s resolution to suggestion for allllll the celebs out there reading this: Do you. Media pressure is inevitable, so don’t let it rule your life. You wanna hang out in your apartment by yourself or with your cats and stuff your face with Cheetos, then post a selfie about it? Go for it. We’ll probably love you even more for your honesty.

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