20 Awesome Celebrity Instagram Photos That Will Convince You To Join

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In case Facebook and Twitter don’t provide you with enough time-wasting activity, Instagram is yet another form of social media that will take over your life. You can follow just about anyone – I categorize the people I follow into two lists: “Real People” and “Celebrities I Pretend to Know.” Instead of suffering through the poor grammar of Kirstie Alley’s Scientology ramblings, or trying to decipher why Snoop Dogg is crying over Thelma and Louise, Instagram quite literally allows you to see into people’s lives.

Once I realized Instagram is classier than a tabloid and I don’t have to feel dirty about looking at these photos, because celebrities actually post these themselves, I signed up immediately. (Also, my cat Ralph looks really cute in some of those filters, not gonna lie.) They WANT us to see what they’re eating for lunch, where they’re vacationing, and what glamorous people with bajillions of dollars do all day. Sometimes the photos are legitimately interesting, sometimes they make me feel better about myself and my life decisions, and sometimes they make me want to jam a fork in my eye in an envious rage… but it’s always fascinating.

Now that Instagram has crossed into Android territory—also known as the trashy, drunk and dramatic cousin of the iPhone—Instagram has blown to epic proportions. Instagram allows us a peek into celebrities’ personal lives, totally unfiltered (well, except the Kelvin filter… just kidding, no one uses Kelvin.) We’re all creatures of morbid curiosity, and Instagram provides the perfect fix!

Here are twenty celebrity Instagram shots that will convince you to create an Instagram account ASAP: