Celebrity Instagram Creeping: The Self-Love Equals Self-Snaps Edition

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I firmly believe that all of my problems in life could be solved if I loved myself about 1/8 as much as Kim Kardashian, Lea Michele and Courtney Stodden do on Instagram.  Really.  Since there's not a self-snap limit on Instagram (because the entire app would implode if there was), these filter-loving ladies take advantage of posing with just the right amount of pouty lip and booty pop.  Daily. Multiple times.

Some of my favorite shots include:

The “I Totally Just Woke Up Looking Like This…Seriously, I Wear Fake Eyelashes and Mac Gloss to Bed”

“Morning Kisses” by Kim Kardashian


The “Whop Bop A Loo Bop… I'm Sandy In Grease, Y'all”

“Retro Rachel :)” by Lea Michele


The “My Boobs Are Totally Rill”

“_______” by Courtney Stodden


See what I mean?  I honestly don't know how Kim Kardashian gets all of her “work” done, being the “smart, savvy businesswoman” that she is, when she must spend a good fraction of her day contouring her cheekbones into her phone camera.  I don't know if I've ever seen anyone in lurve with themselves the way Kim Kardashian is.  I don't think anyone can deny that she's a very attractive woman, but the more she shoves it down our throats the less attractive she becomes.  If she were in eighth grade, she'd totally be the girl whipping out her phone in the girl's bathroom every day during 4th period, wearing Victoria's Secret PINK sweat pants and giving major duckface.

For my parting celebrity Instagram shot this week, I leave you with a photo so timely and priceless, my wit alone simply cannot do it justice.  Enjoy.

“Celebrity Sex Tape Convention” by Kim Kardashian and Hulk Hogan  (I kid, I kid.  But not by much.)


(Photos courtesy of Instaview)