Celebrity Instagram Creeping: Everyone Really Loves Their Dogs This Week

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What do Jessica Simpson, Lauren Conrad, Lena Dunham and the cast of Teen Mom 2 have in common, you ask?  Besides being participants in a  game of “One of These Things Is Not Like The Other (And Her Name Is Lena Dunham),” they are all loving the shit out of dogs on Instagram lately.

To be perfectly honest, I would rather look at 200 photos of a sleeping pug on Instagram than one snapshot of someone's baby just lying there in a completely unremarkable fashion, but only looks slightly remarkable thanks to the “Inkwell” filter.  I'm also guilty of taking more photos of my own dog and fat cat than I do of actual human family events and/or milestones.  Which is why this week's Celebrity Instagram Creeping edition evolved from a perfectly natural observation.  Enjoy.

First up, we have Jenelle Evans.  Sadly, it seems her dog Brody is playing second fiddle to Jenelle's “Love Pink” sweatpants and general look of constipation.  And because Brody isn't a human boy in 8th grade, he isn't a fan of the sweatpants either.  I can only  hope one of Brody's tricks is to weed out the K-Fed wannabes Jenelle is really fond of ditching her son for.  


This is Chelsea Houska‘s pug, Darla.  The only thing cuter than this face is Chelsea's daughter, Aubree, but she isn't a dog so she doesn't make the cut.  I'm guessing this sourpuss occurs every time Chelsea's baby daddy Adam comes over.


Here, Kailyn Lowry (also the only Teen Mom I don't want to violently shake 99% of the time) embraces her giant mastiff.  Side note:  If you're going to follow any of the Teen Moms on Twitter, I suggest following Kail.  She's got her shit together and has mastered the art of being completely honest with her naysayers without being a total bitch.  I also follow Jenelle for the exact opposite reason.


Lauren Conrad posts calendar-worthy photos of her new pup Fitz all the time.  Her pictures have a way of making me feel like a million rainbows are glowing brightly inside me, and I momentarily forget how much I hate everyone and everything when I look at them.


Still riding that massive baby weight loss wave, Jessica Simpson posted a picture of her cuddling her dog, Daisy.  Wait just a minute… either this is an old pic or she bought another malti-poo and also named it Daisy, because didn't that dog get snatched up by a pack of coyotes?  Yikes.


And last but never least, Lena Dunham posted this photo of her friend's dog, and while the picture isn't anything to bark home about (see what I did there?), the caption is what makes this my favorite Instagram photo of the week:

“Dean is low-key re: his upcoming 11th bday. Maybe just a small thing at a bar or a boat ride with friends.”


(Photos: Instaview)