Celebrity Hot Messes Need A Drink(ing Game)

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You guys. This weekend was Charlie Sheen's birthday. This weekend was ALSO Paz de la Huerta's birthday. You heard me: Not one, but TWO Supreme Hot Mess Celebrities are celebrating their birthdays. Unreal! So even though the last thing these two, as well as every other celebrity hot mess out there, need are drinks, we're going to raise a glass (or two, or three, or five) to them anyway. To the Celebrity Hot Messes of the world! Let us drink! And also play! For drinking games make the world go round!

A celebrity appears on the scene: Take a drink.
Celebrity appears relatively talented: Take a drink.
Celebrity also appears relatively normal: Take two drinks.
Celebrity's career has a successful start: Take a drink for each successful project.
Cracks begin to show: Uh oh. Take a drink for each crack.
Celebrity's excellent PR team smooths over the cracks: Whew. Take a drink. Don't forget to give one to each PR person.
Nip slip!: Whoops! Take a drink!

It's an accident: It happens. Take a drink.
It's no accident: Of course it isn't. Take two drinks.
Celebrity begins becoming somewhat annoying: Take a drink and try to ignore it.
Mild public intoxication: Take a drink and stumble a little.
Extreme public intoxication: Take a drink and fall over.
Extreme public intoxication while on the red carpet of an important industry event: Take a drink and mumble incoherently at the press while stumbling and falling over.
Evidence of other substances at play: Take a… drink? Hit? Something?

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