26 of Your Favorite Celebs Share Their Ultimate Hangover Cures and Secret Remedies

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It's summertime and while some are sticking to the classic rosé all day warm-weather lifestyle, others are swapping out the “summer water” for an alternative: delicious canned cocktails that are almost too delish to sip slowly. We've shared creative ways to eat your booze and even spilled secrets about how much you'd have to consume to start feeling tipsy.

While holidays like Halloween and New Years are known as party nights, there's no other time of year where partying every evening is almost acceptable and that's summertime. While this is true, waking up at 6 AM for your summer internship or real, “adult” job can be difficult as f*ck if you… ummm… happened to ~overindulge~ the previous night. (Something I'm sure none of us have any IRL experience with, of course.)

Well, if you're in a clutch and need something to get that pounding headache to dissolve, just remember to look to the stars. And by that, I mean celebrities, who have lived the lifestyle of the rich and the famous for long enough to have some first-hand tips for getting that pesty hangover to GTFO so you can go about your day:

1. Ashley Benson


While some swear by fast food or more drank, Ash's hangover cure is all about giving the face some hydration. “I refresh my skin with a cucumber mask, followed by a lot of moisturizer,” she told US Weekly. Perhaps a wine face mask would do the trick, too?