2013 Celebrity Halloween Costumes, Ranked From Best To What?

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2013 Celebrity Halloween Costumes  Ranked From Best To What  Kristin Chenoweth Dressed As SWAT Officer For Halloween jpg

Hollywood celebs are on a continued mission to prove that Halloween isn’t just one day; it’s, in fact, multiple weeks long. And, you know, I’m totally fine with that, because that means that there’s always going to be an abundance of celebrity costumes, which is one of my favorite things ever. Sometimes they get it really really wrong, but other times, they’re just so full of amazing goodness.

So, since they’re all trotting around town in leotards, leather, and lots and lots of tulle until the end of the month, we’ve decided that the best thing we could do is to rank them. Isn’t that sweet of us? You can thank us by handing out full candy bars when we come to your house to trick or treat.

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