And Now For All The Other Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2012

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Wow, Halloween was basically a week-long affair for celebrities this year! It seemed that every day there was another bevy of costumes—usually more expensive, involved, and sexy than what we normal folks could scrounge together for our adult trick-or-treating. But lest we ever forget that stars are just like us, a couple celebrities made some missteps with their costume choices this year.

We already covered the utter wtf-ness that was Chris Brown‘s terrorist costume, but when searching through the new crop of photos I found a few more offenders. There's Diddy above, playing The Dictator to every ounce of inappropriateness… and is it really coincidence that there were two Sandy costumes this year? I thought not.

Of course, not all of the celebrities in here offended us. Many of them were sexy, cute, and funny. So, enjoy watching famous folks let loose and dress up!