21 Hilarious, Weird And/Or Embarrassing First Tweets From Your Favorite Celebrities

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21 Hilarious  Weird And Or Embarrassing First Tweets From Your Favorite Celebrities Retta live tweet gif(via)

It’s Twitter’s eighth birthday, everybody! Can you believe that we’ve been oversharing about our lives and screencapping controversial celebrity statements for eight years? Well, we have. And in honor of this milestone, Twitter has introduced a new tool called First Tweet that allows you to find anybody’s first tweet ever. You can find your own first tweet, you can find your BFF’s first tweet, you can find your high school English teacher’s first tweet. But most importantly, you can find famous people’s first tweets.

Just a warning that when you click this link you will doom yourself to spending the rest of the day typing Twitter handles into the search box and marveling at how far we’ve all come as tweeters. But to save you some time, we’ve already looked at a bunch of celebrities’ and comedians’ first tweets and gathered them together here for your enjoyment. Some of them are predictably hilarious, some of them are kind of confusing, and some of them actually might embarrass these people if they saw them today. It’s okay. We all had an awkward stage. This list features a lot of names from our world famous Funniest People to Follow On Twitter list from last year. We’ve got great taste.

1. Ellen DeGeneres

How perfect is it that Ellen’s first tweet is also probably her most Elleny tweet ever? Very perfect.

2. Conan O’Brien


Conan’s was appropriately bizarre.

3. Anna Kendrick


A lot of celebs started their accounts to clarify that imposter accounts aren’t real. And Anna K added some extra cuteness to her introduction.

4. Taylor Swift

GASP! You guys, Taylor’s first tweet was in response to Justin Bieber, her mortal enemy. And she said something nice to him. I’ll never let her live this down. You know, because I talk to her all the time.

5. Rob Delaney

Here’s how Rob Delaney, famous Twitter comedian, got his start on the site. That’s… not what I was expecting.

6. Jezebel

So yes, Jezebel is a website and not a celebrity. But honestly, how can you not love this? What even is it?

7. Kelly Oxford

Kelly Oxford’s another funny voice who got famous via Twitter. What’s intersting is that if she tweeted this today she’d probably get a thousand retweets.

8. Kris Jenner

So it begins.

9. Billy Eichner

Oh Billy, you’re so silly.

10. Retta

I just love that Retta’s first tweet was about TV, because now that’s what she’s known for.

11. Tyra Banks

Haaaa. Oh Tyra.

12. Jimmy Kimmel

In case you don’t speak Spanish/don’t want to Google this, it means he wants to make love to Justin Bieber. Ever the prankster.

13. Mindy Kaling

I just love how many celebrities are like, “How the hell did I get here?”

14. Stephen Colbert

Colbert got straight to the serious topics.

15. Patton Oswalt

Haha, old things are funny.

16. Justin Long

I knew I had a crush on this guy.

17. Ryan Seacrest

I just love how dated this is. Hey, the guy from American Pie was on my show please watch it he’s famous okay?

18. John Krasinski

In case you were worried he couldn’t get any cuter.

19. Oprah Winfrey

Is “Twitters” her affectionate nickname for her followers or the site itself? Whatever, I won’t question it. I don’t want to be hit by lightning.

20. Lorde

BRB, laughing about this forever.

21. Lindsay Lohan

Oh. My. God. Please join me in feeling awkward about this for the rest of the day.