A Random Guy Convinces NYC Tourists That He’s A Major Celebrity

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While this isn't the first time we've seen an average guy fool strangers into thinking he's a celebrity, it's just as funny. In late July  21-year-old Brett Cohen walked around NYC with an entourage and a few cameramen to see if he could convince tourists into believing that he's a celebrity.

It's almost scary how easy it is to convince people that you're famous — and I'm sure someone with a much better degree than me could analyze this and discuss what it means for society that we're so enamored with famous people that we don't even care why they're famous.

(See everyone show on TLC and E! for just a few examples.)

As Brett walked around Times Square with his entourage, his camera crew interviewed people about him. Despite the fact that he's a complete nobody (and I do mean that in the nicest way possible), everyone somehow knew who he was.

An actor!

A singer!

Someone from Spider-Man!

A guy with a great first single!

A  Duggar who they forgot in NYC after a trip to do interviews in the Big Apple!

Tupac after major plastic surgery!

Jesus Christ!

So here's a tip from me to you. If you ever see a celebrity who you don't recognize, don't pose with him and don't ask to take a photo. Otherwise you'll end up looking like all these hopeful tourists who claim that the day they met Brett Cohen is the best day of their life.

(Via Tastefully Funny)