The 14 Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements

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The only thing more confusing than seeing a celebrity in an endorsement commericial that seems totally out of character is hearing a celeb in a commercial of that kind. Sure, Scarlett Johansson for Soda Stream was strange, but at least we got to see her face and we're left wondering if our ears were decieving us. Isn't that the strangest sensation ever, when you don't SEE the famous face but you hear the famous voice? And you can't really figure out who it is? And even if you do figure it out, then you're like…why are they endorsing this product in the first place? Do they really expect us to believe they use that shampoo, or eat at that chain, or change their baby's diapers? Yeah right.

So in the spirit of being confused by ScarJo's random love affair with bubbles, here are fourteen other weird celebrity endorsements that left us going, “Wait…was that what's-his-name? What's he doing?”

1. Julie Bowen for Olive Garden

Yeah, because when you have a body like Julie does on Modern Familyit's usually from eating piles of carbs smothered in dairy and fat while literally endless sticks of carbs are brought to your table.