18 On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples, Ranked by Success

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The jury is still out on whether on-again, off-again relationships work. On the one hand, you’re exes for a reason. On the other hand, if you love something let it free… if it comes back, it’s yours.

Whether or not it’s ultimately a healthy relationship move, plenty of celebrity couples are notorious for breaking up, making up, and keeping us guessing about the status of their relationship by going on-again and off-again like it's their freakin' job (and depending on who you ask for a celebrity, it kind of is). Some couples end in scandal and should probably stay ended. Some were just too good to be true, but we still wish they’d find each other again. And some of the best celebrity “couples” are the ones whose friendships are #goals.

One thing is for sure, and that’s that some on-again, off-again couples are more successful than others (you’ve heard about the reunion of Jelena, right?). Here are 18 of those celebrity couples known for the ever-changing state of their relationship status, ranked from least to most successful.