11 Real Life Celeb Couples Who Broke Up But Had To Keep Working Together

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If you're one of those people who hates Valentine's Day, I have good news for you and I have bad news. The bad news is, Valentine's Day is on its way, whether you like it or not. But the good news is, as bad as your worst dating experience is, the celebrities in this list have probably had it much worse.

Sure, they're rich and famous and whatever, but they also have the unique experience of working right beside someone after they broke up with them. And not just in the next cubicle over where they could ignore each other in peace — these are all people who started relationships with their costars that ended before the project did, so it's all taking place on a set. Meaning that they had to see their exes every day, laughing and smiling and pretending like absolutely nothing was wrong, maybe even flirting with other people right in front of you.. I guess that's why they call it ‘acting', huh?

But regardless, this list should help you feel way better about any time you've ‘dipped your pen in the company ink' as they say, because you and your ex probably didn't have a job that entailed making out in front of a national audience. Probably.

1. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev

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These two dated in real life from 2010 to 2013, but I guess nobody told their Vampire Diaries characters, because those two never broke up. Luckily Ian and Nina are great sports about it, even joking around with each other when they won ‘Best Chemistry' at the People's Choice Awards.

2. Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes

daws(Photo: Getty Images)

Josh and Katie dated early in the run of Dawson's Creek, and she even called him her ‘first love', but they were long broken up by the time Joey chose Pacey in the show's finale.

3. Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter

Michael and Jennifer(Photo: WENN)

This was an especially odd situation because Michael and Jennifer actually played siblings on Dexterbut got married in real life. But as a silver lining, it was probably easier to cope after they got divorced a year later, since they didn't have to keep the romance alive onscreen.

4. Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush

sophia and chad(Photo: WENN)

These two met on the set of One Tree Hill and were married two years later, in 2005. But Sophia filed for divorce a mere five months later, and had to watch Chad start multiple relationships with other women on the show until he left in its seventh season. Ouchies.

5. Jack and Meg White

Meg Jack white(Photo: Getty Images)

They pretended to be siblings so that their relationship wouldn't draw attention away from their band, but Jack and Meg actually got married in 1996. They stayed that way for four years, splitting up in 2000, just before the group became huge, but worked together for another ten years before disbanding.

6. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

rob kristen(Photo: WENN)

They starred opposite each other in Twilight while they were still together in real life, but had to promote the final film together after they were broken up, which was probably muy awkward. Or else it was all part of the PR team's plan to keep us interested in a franchise that had long outstayed its welcome…you be the judge.

7. Michael Vartan and Jennifer Garner

micahel jen(Photo: Daniel Mayer, PacificCoastNews.com)

Jennifer rebounded with Michael after her 2003 divorce from former costar Scott Foley, but they only lasted a year. Unfortunately…Alias lasted six, which meant the wedding between Vaughn and Sidney was filmed while Jennifer was pregnant with new husband Ben Affleck‘s baby.

8. Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco

johnny kaley(Photo: Getty Images)

Kaley and Johnny still star opposite each other on The Big Bang Theoryeven though they dated in secret offscreen for two years before finally coming clean post-breakup. (And Kaley is married now anyway, have you heard that she is married??!?!?!)

9. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson

Rachel Adam(Photo: WENN)

Adam and Rachel ended their real life relationship in 2006 after three years together, but didn't stop playing Summer and Seth on The O.C. until 2007, when the show ended.

10. Penn Badgely and Blake Lively

penn blake(Photo: Getty Images)

Presumably drawn together by the fact that they both have the names of boys at a British boarding school, these Gossip Girl costars dated from 2007 to 2010, while the series didn't go off the air until 2012, at which point their characters Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey were married on the show and Blake had just married Ryan Reynolds in real life. Awwwwkward.

11. Tony Kanal and Gwen Stefani

tony gwen(Photo: Getty Images)

Gwen started dating Tony pretty much immediately after she joined No Doubt, and the band was almost broken up when he ended their tumultuous relationship after seven years together, just before the band was about to get big. But ultimately Gwen channeled her feelings into songs like ‘Don't Speak' and ‘Sunday Morning', and the two have been able to peacefully collaborate ever since.