16 of the Worst Celebrity Cheating Scandals, Ranked

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Celebrities: they’re just like us! They wear clothes like us…that have designer labels and were picked out by their personal stylist. They take “no makeup” selfies like us…while still wearing their eyelash extensions. They occasionally have normal jobs like us… after making it so big that they don’t have to worry about their paycheck anymore.

One thing celebrities legitimately have in common with all of us regular people is that they make a mess of their dating lives, too. We might even have it better than them when it comes to romance because at least our every move isn’t splashed across the internet for us.

Some celebrity love stories are inspiring. Two people, however famous they may be, who truly want to be together. But to be honest, most celebrity relationships just don’t seem that genuine. Maybe this is because we hear about every single mistake they make, and when it’s a big one, it’s hard to forgive and impossible to forget.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who cheat. But they’re the only ones who cheat and then receive the judgment of an entire nation. Some cheating scandals were bound to happen from the first time the couple was spotted together. Some are more gasp-worthy. From least surprising to most scandalous, here are 16 of the worst celebrity cheating scandals, ranked. Because no bad deed goes unpublished (see what I did there?).

P.S. Don't be like Ross. That reasoning never works.

16. Tom D’Agostino on Luann “The Countess” D’Agostino


Though there may not have been new allegations of cheating that ended their marriage before its first anniversary, they were there before Luann even walked down the aisle: Tom had already dated multiple of her friends, and people saw him canoodling with other women during their engagement. I’m not trying to call Luann blind for marrying him anyway but… she definitely turned a blind eye.