21 Celebrity Best Friend Duos We All Not-So-Secretly Want to Join

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Celebrity friends are so interesting to watch. Maybe because it makes them seem so much more relatable when they have a close friend they're always spotted with. We all have that BFF whom we love and can tell anything to. Basically, it makes us realize that the life of a star is just like ours — but so, so much better!

When celebrities are best friends with each other, we can't help but wonder what fun they must have and the lavish vacations they must take together. In reality, they probably laugh about stupid stuff and eat junk food like we all do. Except they do it in mansions and it's junk food in the brand name.

Some celebrities have been friends for years and others recently and immediately clicked. Regardless, we love seeing them hanging out, doing the regular friend things that well do. Here 21 celebrity best friends that we wish we could join.