Michelle Williams and Jason Segel Are The Only Celebrities In Bathing Suits Who Aren’t Annoying

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It's January and the holidays are over, so naturally every singe celebrity in on a tropical vacation right now.  We've already seen Jennifer Aniston half-naked in Cabo for the zillionth time.  LeAnn Rimes‘ skeletal figure is also currently sunning itself in the heat of the Cabo sun this week, and since she spends 75% of her time in a string bikini, it's not news.  But when I saw this photo of Jason Segel and Michelle Williams, I realized that not only was I not even slightly annoyed, I actually half-smiled in appreciation.

Jason Segel is such a good boyfriend.  He tapes pictures of his beloved onto the back of his iPhone AND he doesn't mind third-wheeling it with Michelle and her bestie, Busy Phillips.  An added bonus is that none of them are sporting the standard Dancing With The Stars celebrity airbrush tan in the middle of winter.  They're not posing for the cameras while fighting the waves and a wardrobe malfunction.  No, they're just three amigos walking along the beach like relatively normal folk.

I know it's only the first week of 2013, but if Jason and Michelle are going to have an autumn wedding in New York this year he'd better get moving on that proposal.  Her daughter Matilda Ledger is already getting kind of old to be a flower girl, you know?  But I refuse to wait for her to be of an appropriate age to be a junior bridesmaid because that's a torturous amount of time wasted.  Plus who really does the whole junior bridesmaid thing?  Cringe.

Anyway, for now I'm just happy to see celebrities in swimsuits who are capable of not being completely obnoxious during beach vacations.  No shoes, no shirt, no nipples, no problem.

(Photo: WENN)