20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Actually British

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20 Celebrities You Didn t Know Are Actually British paul rudd you sound like youre from london gif

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I’m not quite sure of the genesis of my love for British accents/people as a whole. Maybe it was my early-onset obsession with Harry Potter, or the six months I spent studying abroad in London during my junior year of college, or maybe it was just Colin Firth‘s very existence. I really can’t be sure. Of two things I am sure, though, and I mean other than the fact of Colin Firth’s limitless perfection. Those things are that, 1) Accents are cool as fuck and make any breathing organism exponentially more attractive; and 2) If you go up to a British person and say, “YOU SOUND LIKE YOU’RE FROM LONDON” à la Paul Rudd in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you won’t make any friends, British or otherwise. Not that this is something I know from experience. Nope. Never done that before. Who would do that? STOP LOOKING AT ME. 

But you know what else is cool about accents? Sometimes actors and actresses are so good at them, you never realize that they’re putting one on. Like these 20 people right here on this very list! Surprise! THEY’RE ALL BRITISH. No, it’s fine, just leave me here, I’ll be okay in a couple of minutes when I’ve started breathing normally again and I can pick up all of the pieces of my brain after my mind was just blown.

1. Theo James

Ahhhhhh Four. What a fine specimen of man. Not only would he be the perfect guy to play the Beast in a live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, but he would probably be able to accurately play both the Beauty and the Beast. Because he’s a beauty. And…a beast…I guess. 

2. Sacha Baron-Cohen

He’s one of those actors that changes his voice so frequently in order to play certain roles that I honestly had no idea where he was from until the Internet informed me. So, thanks Internet! Now I can check that little tidbit of info off of my mental need-to-know list.

3. Kiefer Sutherland

Despite the lack of a distinct accent, Jack Bauer is from Paddington, London, which leads me to assume that the Paddington Bear was based off of him. Also, just FYI, his dad is Donald Sutherland, a.k.a. President Snow in The Hunger Games. Thought you ought to know. 

4. Idris Elba

Yes, you read that right. Not only does he apparently have a huge package (I didn’t just notice offhand one day, he talks about it a lot!), but he’s also British. Idris can do no wrong.

5. Christian Bale

I always knew Batman was British. He’s just too cool to be a regular ol’ American like me.

6. Daniel Sharman

Of course, since I’m the one writing this post, it would be impossible not to include someone from Teen Wolf. Daniel plays Isaac, a v sexy werewolf, as if there were any other kind. Not to throw out any spoilers or anything (except SPOILER ALERT so joke’s on you, sucker!), but Isaac is no longer on the show. I won’t say why. But you see his face, so you can understand why that fact upsets me.

7. Carey Mulligan

I absolutely love Carey, but for some reason, whenever I see her in movies, I never actually remember who she is. She always looks different to me for some reason. Because of this, I’m convinced that she’s a master of disguise, and as such, it makes sense that she’s been British all this time without my knowing. Sneaky, sneaky.

8. Andrew Garfield

I was already on board the Andrew Garfield train after he confirmed that Spider-Man is Jewish and he and Emma Stone established themselves as the world’s cutest couple, but on top of all of that, HE HAS AN ACCENT. Be still my heart.

9. Daniel Day-Lewis

You guys, I LOVE Daniel Day-Lewis. He’s one of those actors that can just disappear into whatever character he’s playing. The only problem with that is that I didn’t know what he actually looked or sounded like until very recently. For a while I was just operating under the assumption that the way he looked in Lincoln was his actual appearance, so…my bad.

10. Josh Bowman

I’ve already talked about how much I love Josh Bowman, so I don’t really feel the need to do so again. He’s British and used to play rugby professionally and he’s basically everything I could ever want in a cuddle buddy.

11. Charlie Hunnam

I don’t know if any of you guys watch Sons of Anarchy, but that’s what Charlie should really be known for. His performances are always incredible. But, instead, since we’re all obsessed with sex and weird vampire fan fiction, we remember Charlie from his brief time as the actor on tap to play Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey. And then he quit because apparently he had a “nervous breakdown” about playing the role. AKA he realized he’s a British god and doesn’t need to be wasting his time with any of that tomfoolery. But that’s just one woman’s analysis.

12. Andrew Lincoln

I’ve never actually seen The Walking Dead, but my friend tells me it’s awesome, and she’s pretty cool so I’m going to assume that she’s right. Anywho, Andrew Lincoln (who you may remember as the guy who was in love with Keira Knightey in Love, Actually), puts on a really impressive Southern accent in this show, masking his real British one. And I must say, after a few quick clips on YouTube, I’m not too mad about it.

13. David Morrissey

Again, more impressive British men putting on Southern accents in The Walking Dead. Maybe I should start watching this show…

14. Sam Palladio

Sam plays Gunnar on Nashville, a character that is decidedly NOT British, so imagine my surprise when it was revealed that he’s from Pembury, a large village in Kent! Shock and awe, I tell you. Shock. And. Awe.

15. Damian Lewis

Okay, I’m starting to realize that there are a lot of shows that I really need to add to my list. Damian is on Homeland, and had I not known that he was British before I watched a clip of the show, I never would have believed it.

16. Minnie Driver

Honestly, Minnie’s only on this list for two reasons: 1) She’s British and I literally always forget that; and 2) Her name is Minnie and that amuses me. Other than that, she’s not exactly my cup of tea.

17. Mischa Barton

Okay, so I’m kind of cheating on this one (except not at all because I do as I please). We all know that Marissa Cooper doesn’t actually have a British accent, but she was born in London! Really, look it up. The Almighty Goog (ahem…Google) knows all. Maybe she’s just been putting on American accent all her life and we’ve never heard her real voice before. Food for thought.

18. Lauren Cohan 

I’d really like to know where the execs over at AMC picked up this fantastic, British-heavy cast for The Walking Dead. And don’t say England. I’m not a doofus.

19. Kaya Scodelario

Kaya masked her God-given accent when she starred in The Maze Runner along with very-American Dylan O’Brien and very-British Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who got to keep his accent. So, unless you’ve seen Skins before (the original series, not the shitty MTV reboot), you’d probably never guess that she’s actually British!

20. Kim Cattrall

This was the biggest surprise of them all for me! Samantha Jones is from Mossley Hill, a district of Liverpool! Her class had to come from somewhere, I suppose.