This Video Proves You Can Learn A Lot About Celebs From Their ‘Would You Rather’ Answers

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Shailene Woodley Josh Horowitz MTV Would You Rather Sundance 2014

If you'd somehow forgotten what an awesome interviewer MTV's Josh Horowitz is, allow me to point you in the direction of this new video. As usual, Josh really gets celebrities to look like they're enjoying themselves, not like they're answering the same boring question for the twentieth time that day. He isn't quite the hypnotist that Ellen DeGeneres is, but he's pretty darn close. This time he got adorably-clothed celebrities at the recent Sundance Film Festival to play a few rounds of “Would You Rather,” and the results were quite enlightening.

The questions Josh asked included “Would you rather have skis for arms or legs?” as well as “Would you rather fight a yeti or have sex with one?” These are serious questions, you guys. It's important that we know what our favorite celebrities would rather do in these kinds of situations. How else can we judge them, besides all the various ways we judge them every day already?

Most of the celebrities give very well-thought-out reasoning for the things they choose, and it tells you a lot about what they value in life. For example, Shailene Woodley really wants skis for arms so she can give “penguin hugs.” I mean, can you get any more Shailene Woodley than that? Elle Fanning reinforces just how sweet and adorable she is when she declares she'd rather lick a frosted pole than eat yellow snow, then whispers, “It might be pee.” And of course, for the same question, Anna Kendrick has a very healthy reason for wanting to eat the yellow snow. I also love that Anne Hathaway makes sure to clarify if the yeti is a huge scary creature or just some guy who went into the woods one day. Oh Anne, I'm glad you're back in our lives.