11 Celebrities Who Own Adorable Rescue Dogs

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Not a rescue dog, but this is Blake and Penny Lively.


Once upon a time, a little internet blogger by the name of Alexis Rhiannon who was tired of reporting on Miley Cyrus. She had twerked and she had twerked until she had the whole internet twerked into a frenzy, until the blogger couldn't remember anything positive about her anymore, and she cried silently at her desk.

Well, not quite. But I am really tired of seeing Miley's butt everywhere I look, so I thought we could all use a reminder of something non-controversial about her — she has an adopted rescue dog! Hurray! The best! That's one of my favorite things that celebrities do, because they have such a great platform to get the word out about rescue animals. It can be really tempting sometimes to get a purebred puppy, especially when you have pretty much unlimited funds at your disposal, but there are so many rescue animals out there in need of great homes that it warms my heart when celebrities do their part to set a great example.

Alexis and Einstein August 2013I'll admit that I'm toooootally biased, on account of having an adorable rescue pup of my own back home. His name is Einstein, he's a miniature schnauzer, and he's the owner of my heart. He's fifteen now, and can't get around as well as he used to, but we've never regretted rescuing him from his first home and giving him all the loves. So in honor of little Einie, and in hopes that we can focus on the good parts of Miley even as she gyrates her way across the internet, here are 11 Celebrities Who Own Adorable Rescue Dogs. Yes, with pictures. Obviously.


Miley Cyrus Adopts Rescue Dog(Photo: Instagram)

That's Miley's dog Floyd, one of seven total dogs that she's rescued. The others are Happy, Mary Jane, Penny Lane, and Bean. (She also rescued two others, Lila and Ziggy, but Lila was tragically killed in a scuffle between the two dogs, so the Cyrus family was forced to find Ziggy a new home — with no kids or other pets, just in case the attack wasn't a fluke.)


Ian Somerhalder Adopts Rescue Dog

(Photo: Instagram)

Meet Ian's dog Nietzsche. He picked her up pretty recently after finding her in traffic near the studio where Vampire Diaries is filmed. He's also rescued multiple cats previously, and plans to open an animal sanctuary in the near future. Adorable.


Jake Gyllenhaal Takes Dog For A Stroll(Photo: J. Sharma/Bruja, PacificCoastNews)

That's Jake's German Shepherd Atticus Finch, who Jake first met him at a shelter in LA. He also owns a puggle named Boo Radley, both names coming from To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee.


Mischa Barton Walks Dog(Photo: Andrew Shawaf/Pacific Coast News)

Mischa may not have been in the media that much lately, but she's still doing her part behind the scenes to give dogs good homes — that's Charlie in the picture, and she owns another rescue dog named Ziggy, as well.


Oh my god, Bear, too cute. Love the name, first of all, and then just look at those ears.


Ryan Reynolds With Dog(Photo: Bruja, Juan Sharma/Pacific Coast News)

Eeeee! Ryan's dog Baxter is adorable. (But I think I just realized I've said that about every dog so far, so probably just animals in general are too much for me to handle. I think I need a puppy.)


Kellan Lutz Walking Dog(Photo: Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News)

Kellan adopted his dog Kola a few years ago, and has worked with PETA ever since to raise awareness with celebrities and normals alike about pet adoption.


Kate Bosworth Playing With Dog(Photo: Lee, Symons/Pacific Coast News)

I wanna give Kate's dog Lila so many smooches. The two found each other when Kate was in Morocco filming The Girl In The Park, and Lila was living on the streets until Kate brought her home with her.


Apparently Selena and Justin Bieber adopted Baylor together, but I'm pretty glad that Selena ended up with him, given Bieber's reputation for abandoning animals. Selena on the other hand has adopted six dogs to date, including this little charmer: Wallace, Fina, Chip, Willie, Chazz, and (obviously) Baylor.


Amanda Seyfried Plays With Dog In Park

(Photo: Hector Valenilla/Pacific Coast News)

Does anyone else think it's adorable that Amanda's dog Finn is almost as big as she is? She told People, “I'm obsessed with my dog. He's become my son and my light source and kind of a savior to a lot of people, a lot of my friends.” And he does late night shows, too. Love that.


Kristen Bell Dog(Photo: Matt Symons, Gaz Shirley/ Pacific Coast News)

It should surprise exactly no one, given how excellent she is at being a mom to a human, but Kristen Bell is really excellent at being a mom to pups, as well. She has three rescue dogs — Lola, Sadie, and Mr. Shakes — one of whom she adopted while in New Orleans aiding with the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Ahhh. I feel better now. Don't you?