16 Beautiful Celebrities Who Desperately Need New Stylists

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I wish I had a big red telephone on my desk from which I could dial out to various celebrities and give them unsolicited advice…because I would do that ALL. DAY. I just have so many ideas from an outside perspective, and if people would only let me handle one tiny aspect of their lives for them, I think things would go so much easier.

For example, there are a ton of celebrities out there who are totally killing it in the being extremely beautiful and talented and attractive in every way department, they just need a little help with the fashion aspect. Which is weird because, in all likelihood, they're already paying someone to provide that help. Someone who goes by the name of ‘stylist'. But Stylist is not helping you, celebrities! Stylist is making you look very foolish indeed! And you are wonderful, so you must fire Stylist and hire someone who gets your body shape and doesn't have a grudge against your natural beauty.

This is what I think. And since I'm rarely wrong, take a look at the list of people who I think would benefit from a stern talking-to on my big red phone and see if you agree.

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