15 Celebs Who Discovered The Fountain Of Youth And Look Much Younger Than They Are

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Sarah Hyland and her dog


We hear a lot about ageism in Hollywood and how everyone wants to look young for as long as possible. Forever, ideally. While some celebs go under the knife to maintain their youth, there are plenty of celebrities who have been naturally blessed with that fresh-faced look. One great example is Sarah Hyland, who just so happens to turns 23 today! As a fellow 23-year-old, this is unbelievable to me. If we were to be evaluated side by side, she would either be mistaken for an unaccompanied minor or I would be mistaken for her aunt. Here are 14 other celebrities who also seem to be sipping from their own personal fountains of youth.

1. Anna Camp, 31

Anna Camp as Aubrey Pitch Perfect GIF


Aca-scuse me?! How is the most underrated star from Pitch Perfect past the 30 year mark? This Southern belle snagged her younger co-star, Skylar Astin, as her beau, but you can't even tell it was a puma move because she looks so good! Following Anna and Skylar's cute couple pics on Instagram is enough to make anyone jealous.

2. Rachel Weisz, 43

Rachel Weisz smiling in interview GIF


Not only does Ms. Weisz look like she just celebrated her 29th birthday, but she's also one half of a top British couple with our most recent James Bond, Daniel Craig. She's already had several roles playing moms in movies, but our guess is when she takes her son Henry to school, she's probably mistaken for his hot nanny instead.

3. Rachel McAdams, 35

Rachel McAdams shocked, About Time GIF


I'm going to put out a disclaimer that I will try not to go into a rant as to why Rachel McAdams is my OG girl crush, but I'll just put it out there that she is. She is literally the most lovable actress in existence, she makes every romantic movie better, and she's pursued by the likes of Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. And because that's not enough, she looks like she's fresh out of college with her whole life ahead of her.

4. Bianca Lawson, 34

Bianca Lawson as Maya in PLL GIF


Bianca Lawson has been playing a teenager since 1993. Yes, 1993. Before most of you reading this article were even born (I'm looking at you, Directioners and Beliebers). She began playing a teenager during the short-lived Saved by the Bell spin-off, known as The New ClassSince then she has appeared in Sister Sister, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek, Save the Last Danceand most recently Pretty Little Liars. Only recently on Teen Wolf has she finally graduated to playing a guidance counselor.

5. Gabriel Mann, 40

Gabriel Mann, Nolan Ross, Revenge GIF


We know Gabriel best for playing Nolan Ross on Revenge, a prodigy tech whiz who made billions before hitting 30. How have we all been fooled for so long about his true age? Clearly, he is just as sneaky as the revenge accomplice he plays on television. A reminder of how old he is? He played Alan M in 2000's Josie and the Pussycats. That's when it was acceptable to wear holographic halter tops [see: Tara Reid at the beginning of the party girl phase that hasn't ended].

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