10 People So Famous You Won’t Believe They’re From TV Talent Shows

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One Direction X Factor audition GIF(via)

This is very close-minded of me, but I don't always have the most positive feelings about reality TV talent shows, mostly because they don't do what they say they will. There are so many shows that claim to create stars or find stars or build stars or grow stars or whatever, and yet nobody actually becomes a star from these things, right? RIGHT?

Wrong! Turns out I just wasn't paying very close attention, because .005% of the time, everything actually works out. Most of the time you get situations like Beyonce losing on Star Searchfor the first and last time in her life, but you might actually be surprised by some of the famous people we came up with who made their way into the music industry via a televised talent show. Apparently sometimes good things happen to good people — specifically these ones.