Matthew Morrison + 11 More Famous Men Who Can Actually Sing

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Matthew Morrison in a tuxedo April 2013Happy birthday to Matthew Morrison, who turns thirty-five years old today! It seems like just yesterday I watched him on the first episode of Glee, and now here we are five seasons later, still singing through life together! ….even though I don’t watch the show because it committed second-season suicide. Sorry buddy.

And although Glee was the first most people had heard from Matthew, because being on TV gave him a much wider platform, he’s actually been around for a pretty long time on Broadway. He got his start on the stage in Footloose, then moving on to Rocky Horror Picture Show, getting his big break as Link in Hairspray, and even getting nominated for a Tony Award for his work in The Light In The Piazza. He’d been a busy guy already by the time he graced your television screen in 2009.

So even though we know Matthew can sing, that got me thinking about other Hollywood guys who are out and about in movies and on TV and stuff who are also secretly (or not so secretly) good at singing. It’s easy to remember that Matthew is, because he does it every week as Mr. Schuester, but some of these other celebrities are a little more undercover with their hidden talents. Their double threats. Their…mad skillz. Sure. Whatever you want to call them.

So in honor of the little Halloween birthday baby that is Matthew Morrison, I thought I’d just give you a little reminder of all those Hollywood guys out there whom you might not realize have major singing chops. This is in case you needed yet another reason to lust after them, of course — aside from the whole being famous, talented, and making millions of dollars thing. So here they are, folks! Ten Hollywood Guys Who Can Actually Sing! Try to hold it together.


 As I said before, Matthew got his start in musical theater. He went to a theater summer camp, a performing arts high school, and started at NYU’s Tisch School Of The Arts in the CAP 21 program before dropping out to go on Broadway. I’m all for staying in school, but it seems like he made the right choice, right?


This isn’t much of a shocker, since NPH regularly hosts…well, everything, and typically works a song and dance number into the event somewhere. He’s been in two Broadway musicals – Cabaret and Assassins – and several national tours while he was making a name for himself. I’d mention that he’s really good at magic, too, but that would just be showing off.


I know, I know, nobody needed another reason to love him less than I did, but yes, Ryan Gosling can sing. He first got famous on The Mickey Mouse Club, and if you’ll recall, he sang and played the ukulele in Blue Valentine. In case you needed a reminder of that devastating emotional roller coaster of a movie.


Again, no surprise here, since we all saw the inside of Hugh’s mouth close-up last year when he did Les Miserables, but it bears repeating. Not content with being the nicest guy in Hollywood, Hugh apparently made it his mission to be good at everything as well. He has a Golden Globe, he’s been nominated for an Oscar, and since has a Tony for his work in The Boy From Oz and an Emmy for hosting the Tonys, he’s actually halfway to an EGOT. Just in case anyone’s counting.


He may be the biggest cash draw in the box office right now because of Iron Man and stuff, but he's also a legitimate recording artist. RDJ released his album ‘The Futurist' in 2004, and he actually has a pretty decent voice! Who knew?


He's more well-known for being a sparkly vampire with a bad attitude, but R-Pattz can hold a few notes together if need be, even when trashed singing karaoke with Katy Perry in 2008. He plays the guitar, piano, and composes songs, two of which actually appeared on the soundtrack to the first Twilight movie. He calls singing his back-up career, in case acting doesn't work out.


It's nothing professional or anything, but JGL loves covering pop songs in his free time, and has a whole series that he does with his (500) Days Of Summer costar Zooey Deschanel.


These days he limits his talents to Sesame Street, but did you know that when he was younger, Ricky was in an 80s band called Seona Dancing? Yeah. Look it up.


Johnny can play the guitar well enough that he's performed in isolated songs for bands like Oasis, in a jam band called P with a bunch of famous people, and with Marilyn Manson multiple times. Plus, he played the title role in Sweeney Todd if you want something a little more mainstream. As long as you're comfortable calling Tim Burton mainstream.


Welcome to one of the first crushes of my adult life — Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge. Holy crap. I fell in love with his voice so hard that I assumed it was somebody else standing in on the soundtrack. Some sort of voice double. BUT IT WASN'T. He's truly that great. You guys, I love Ewan McGregor's voice. I love it so much.


With that jawline, it doesn't seem fair that Matt should be talented in another arena, let alone multiple arenas, but as you can see from his appearance on Glee, above, he can more than hold his own in the musical world.


I didn't hear the best things about his performance, but it cannot be denied that Daniel was on Broadway in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. Although it should be pointed out that DanRad is really trying. Trying to distance himself from the role of Harry Potter, that is. And so far, it seems to be working.


I know I, like, just finished talking about my crush on Ewan McGregor, but my heart has room for two singers at the same time, or at least it made room once I saw Pitch Perfect last year. Holy eff, he's surprisingly attractive in that, and I think it's all to do with his voice. Skylar also went to Tisch School of the Arts, like our birthday boy, and also also dropped out to pursue a role on Broadway, although this one was Spring Awakening instead of Footloose.

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And I think that's everybody! Schuester out.

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