13 Celebrities Who Came Out Casually And With Very Little Fanfare

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13 Celebrities Who Came Out Casually And With Very Little Fanfare Tom Daley dancing in swimsuit bottoms gifIt’s been a really big day for the LGBTQ community, guys. On the positive end, Tom Daley came out as bisexual in a really mature, insightful way, and on the negative end, Britney Spears thinks that gay people are ‘somewhat girls’. 🙁

But as weird and sad as it is that we still live in a world where certain people believe an entire demographic of people can be labeled as ‘adorable’, actual progress toward equality is definitely being made. It used to be that if you were a celebrity and you wanted to come out, you had to carefully weigh the risk of damage to your career, book a magazine cover or a TV interview, and just hope that things didn’t get too out of control. Revealing that you weren’t straight was a scary thing, because it was such a Big Deal, and everyone got to weigh in on it.

But these days, it doesn’t carry as much weight, which is awesome. It’s being viewed less as a choice or a revelation and more as a natural part of life, and being treated accordingly. After all, it’s not like straight celebrities feel the need to ‘come out’ as straight, so why do we still expect people to ‘come out’ as gay? It’s not like it’s any of our business.

More and more, celebrities are just casually mentioning that they’re gay in the process of doing something else, throwing it into conversation as the off-hand comment that it should be, which I love. Here are twelve out celebrities who made their announcement with confidence about their lifestyle and very little fanfare.

Love it.

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