17 Celebrities Who Stayed Famous Long Past Their Prime

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Happy birthday to Adam Sandler, a man whose name has overstayed its welcome in my memory palace. Once upon a time, the dude was a funny person whose work I liked, but now he's just…still here.

He's definitely done projects recently, and his work flow hasn't slowed down at all, but I think we can all agree that Adam peaked long ago, yes? It's a dismal category to be in, of celebrities who're famous beyond their prime, but at least he has plenty of company! Check out our list of other celebrities who are way past their heyday, and yet somehow still getting headlines.

1. Adam Sandler

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Most of us were only in middle school once, Adam, which is I guess why I'm surprised to still find you there ten and twenty years on.

2. Lindsay Lohan

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Oh girl. You and I both know you peaked at Parent Trapand got lucky with the cast in Mean GirlsBut sure, keep signing onto lower- and lower-rated projects and reminding us how much you want to ‘get back to work', even as you skip meetings and show up late for filming on account of sleeping all day.

3. Will Ferrell

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I figure at this point maybe one in five of Will's movies are worth watching? Is that too generous? You get one or two hits like Anchormanand all of a sudden you think every sentence that comes out of your mouth is strong enough to be the plot of a movie. ‘An ice-skating couple!' ‘A guy who drives a race car with a funny name!'

4. Meg Ryan

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Did you know Meg Ryan has done movies since 1998? Well she has, and they hurt to watch.

5. Charlie Sheen

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I pride myself on never having watched Two And A Half Menbut I can't imagine he was good enough on that to justify still being famous now. Considering his biggest claim to fame at this point is #winning and his impressive hoovering ability when it comes to cocaine. Time to throw in the towel and buy a ranch somewhere, put some money aside for your kids.

6. Angelina Jolie

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Listen, I love me some Angelina Jolie, but if we really look at it, it's been a while since she's turned in an impressive performance. Maybe since Girl, InterruptedShe does a great job with philanthropy, and I'm just as glued to her personal life as you are, Brad Pitt and six kids and all, but I'm still waiting on the second wind I think this lady's capable of.

7. Will Smith

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He can still open a movie just based on nostalgia, but these days, Will is way more well known for the insane antics of his family. His kids sleeping with snakes in their beds is way more interesting than any of the roles he could phone in at this point anyway.

8. Katy Perry

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You will never ever in your whole life get back to the level of fame achieved with ‘Teenage Dream', so quit chasing that dragon. Maybe if you weren't mooning all over John Mayer, you'd be able to put out a single that wasn't identical to the one that came before it. Just an idea.

9. Nicolas Cage

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I have yet to see any proof that convinces me Nic Cage isn't a reanimated corpse stalking the world, looking for meaty film roles. So far he hasn't found any, although his hairline has crept forward as steadily as his optimism has crept backward. So at least there's that!

10. Jessica Alba

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As someone who watched Dark Angel, I'm gonna tell you right now that that's as good as it gets in Jessica Alba's career. The woman isn't built for acting, so how about stop signing onto projects and focus fulltime on modeling. Because that's an industry in which you could make a killing.

11. Eddie Murphy

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Oh Eddie Eddie Eddie. Where did we go wrong? I have to assume it was when you played ALL OF THE FOLLOWING characters in Nutty Professor II: The Klumps:

Sherman Klump / Buddy Love / Granny Klump / Mama Klump / Papa Klump / Young Papa Klump / Ernie Klump /Lance Perkins

And if that isn't enough for you, let me just say ‘Norbit'. It's the safe word that everyone in America uses to immediately turn off a boner.

12. Demi Moore

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Perhaps the fact that she married Ashton Kutcher should have been the first sign that Demi's judgement wasn't quite intact, but then the movie LOL starring Demi and Miley Cyrus came along, and it all became crystal clear.

13. John Travolta

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Admit it, when you think about John Travolta, the image you have in your head is of him dancing around as Danny Zuko in GreaseWell that was almost forty years ago, and he's still gracing our stages, bumbling over the names of his fellow performers.

14. Julia Roberts

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COME ON MAN. You had your time in the sun, and even got an Oscar for Erin BrockovichBut now you're back phoning it in on new projects, and we have to give you an Oscar or an Emmy nomination just for showing up. It's annoying, and you're not all that.

15. Jim Carrey

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Jim Carrey used to be a master of comedy right up there with the late great Robin Williams, but seems to have lost his way somehow in the 2000s. At least, that's the only excuse I can come up with for his lovelorn video messages to Emma Stone and his participation in the rancid-looking Dumber and Dumber To

16. Jennifer Aniston

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I think Jennifer is the consummate professional, and her quality of work hasn't fallen off like the rest of the people on this list. BUT. I think she was comfortable with the cast of Friends in a way she hasn't been anywhere else, which has led to disappointingly-guarded performances in everything she's done since.

17. Johnny Depp

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Johnny's an undeniable talent, but lately he's gone so far down the Tim Burton rabbit hole that I'm not sure we'll ever see him again.

Agree? Disagree? Did we miss anybody? Let us know!