11 Celebrities Who Are Obsessed With Talking About Weight Loss

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8. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Winner's Walk 2013 ALMAs September 27 2013

(Photo: WMTV/Pacific Coast News)

For Example: “I like a naughty treat as much as the next person, but I’ve tried to change my taste buds.” — to Women's Health magazine

Jessica Alba is one of the celebrities whose diet and exercise plan I'm very specifically familiar with because she just loves to talk about it. Oh, your kid just got into the top school in the nation and has 10 job offers? Great, but did you hear about Jessica's new weekend meal plan? And then, she raised the bar a teensy bit higher when she, oh I don't know, wrote a whole book just about how she lost her pregnancy weight.

9. Giuliana Rancic

Guiliana Rancic Screening of Guiliana And Bill The Grove Los Angeles July 9 2013

(Photo: Anthony Monterotti/Pacific Coast News)

For Example: “Sodas and a lot of drinks are the enemy. You have to be so careful because the next thing you know, you’re like ‘why am I so fat?’ and you only have, like, four frappucinos a day. And you’re like ‘well, hello, they’re all 600 calories.’” — to OK! magazine

If I had a dollar for every interview about dieting that Giuliana has given, I would have a small mountain of cash that I could climb whenever I was feeling adventurous. She also runs a blog  called Fab, Fit, Fun on the same topic and blah blah blah enough already.

10. Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill The Wolf Wall Street London England UK January 9 2014

(Photo: Stuart Tippleston, Xclusive/PacificCoastNews)

For Example: “I went to this nutritionist. And basically he had you write down your favorite food and mine was like the menu of a 6 year old's birthday party. It was like chicken fingers and pizza. You know, like, absurd things for an adult person to be consuming.” –to ABC News

Jonah hill famously lost 40 pounds after appearing in Moneyball and I say “famously” because he did so in order to be taken seriously and never let anyone forget it.

11. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson November 13 2013 Los Angeles California Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

(Photo: Cathy Gibson/Pacific Coast News)

For Example: “I'm prouder of my weight loss than my Oscar!” — to Self magazine

I was very happy for Jennifer when she slimmed down for the simple fact that she seemed very happy. So happy, that she made sure to be on every single magazine cover and TV commercial talking about it, at which point it's sort of overkill, no?

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