Let’s Stalk The Paparazzi Who Stalk Jennifer Lawrence In This Video

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Jennifer Lawrence Chateau Marmont

Like a scene ripped from the pages of a classic Lifetime movie, the paparazzi stalked Jennifer Lawrence this weekend as she left Hollywood's infamous Chateau Marmont.  Our favorite gal pal exited the club/bar/speakeasy/grocery store/drug factory/dog boutique (does anyone really know what's inside the Chateau Marmont?) while simultanelously speaking on the phone. While that kind of mutli-tasking would usually impress me among the Chateau Marmont crowd, I wasn't surprised to see Jennifer Lawrence could easily pull it off.

And not only could she pull it off, but she could also handle having a semi-serious conversation. While I'm only a freelance celebrity lip-reader, I could make out that she appears to be very sorry (very sorry!) about accidentally locking someone out of her house. At most, she'll be home in ten minutes.  At first she looks heartbroken about her mistake, then she likely remembers she's Jennifer Lawrence and laughs it off.  It's a roller coaster of emotions that we get to experience because someone shoved a camera in her face.

As soon as she stepped outside the paparazzi started filming her every move. On one hand, I love Jennifer Lawrence. So I therefore do love to know everything about her. What did she wear today? Does she ever get cream in her coffee instad of skim milk and then feel totally guilty? Does she want to start a B*wtiched tribute band with me this weekend? Your normal, basic fan questions.

On the other hand, privacy. Even as a hardcore J.Law fan, I can respect that not every moment needs to be filmed. Especially mundane moments like this where she's heading home for the night. While some simple editing of this video could easily make it look like there's a ton of drama going down (“I'M SO SORRY”), it's most certainly nothing serious.

So paparazzi, back off. Because the last thing you want is me stalking you. I've watched far too many movies and I know far too many tricks. Also I look great in stealth.