13 Celebrities Who Should Just Drop Their Last Names Already

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Having no last name makes you super cool and mysterious in Hollywood these days. If learning a person's full name requires Googling, that's pretty darn fancy. Think Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ke$ha (with added dollar sign for even more coolness), Drake. The list goes on and on. It helps that they all have pretty distinctive names, but even people with pretty common names have a monopoly these days.

So why are these thirteen celebrities still using their last names? If I were to say any one of these people's first names I bet you'd know exactly who I was talking about, as long as you have a basic understanding of contemporary pop culture. So what are you waiting for, celebrities? Drop that last name like it's hot and up your cool level a few points.

1. Miley Cyrus

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Miley was born Destiny Hope Cyrus but changed it to Miley Ray Cyrus. And the world was never the same. I don't think she'll ever need to worry about being confused with another Miley, and she's made a name for herself apart from her famous dad, so let's drop the Cyrus already.

2. Kanye West

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The world was mostly on a first name basis with Kanye even before he got together with Kim Kardashian, but once “Kim and Kanye” was formed, we no longer needed the West. He already took advantage of his surname by naming his daughter North, so what other use could he possibly have for it anymore?

3. Lindsay Lohan

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This one's pretty unique in that there are plenty of Lindsays in the world, including in the world of entertainment. But utter that name to anyone on the street and their knee-jerk response will most likely be, “Rehab?”

4. Zooey Deschanel

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There are a few Zoes in Hollywood, like Zoe Saldana, but there's only one Zooey. She was named after a character in J.D. Salinger's Franny and Zooey, which is just the kind of quirky backstory you'd expect from her. And no offense to Saldana, but even without knowing the spelling I'll think of Deschanel first.

5. Conan O'Brien

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After he was so rudely kicked off The Tonight Show, Conan named a new show after only his first name. Why not go a step further and just get rid of O'Brien altogether? Although I'm always excited to see my fellow O' people representing.

6. Meryl Streep

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The phrase “I beat Meryl,” whether it's being uttered in The First Wives Club or by J.Law at an award ceremony, doesn't need the Streep at all. There's only one Meryl in the world, even though we know there's not.

7. Britney Spears

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We know it's Britney, bitch. You don't have to tell us your last name. You also don't have to tell us your middle name, since that didn't seem to help your album sell better.

8. Shia LaBeouf

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We don't need all those extra last name vowels to know it's Shia. He can just put those four little letters on all his projects and we'll know right away that it's plagiarized.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow

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Oh Gwyneth. Gwyneth, Gwyneth, Gwyneth. You've got the goopiest name around, and nobody needs any more info to know who you are — and that you're probably eating kale right now.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

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In this case he doesn't even need the “nardo” part either. Just go by Leo. It'll save space on his eventual Oscar… if he ever gets one.

11. Ellen DeGeneres

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It's a tribute to Ellen's awesomeness that she can have such a common name, in Hollywood and out of Hollywood, and still not need a last name.

12. Tyra Banks

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No one needs a last name to know that Tyra is the queen of the smize. I'm already on a first-name basis with her anyway, so everyone else might as well be.

13. Paris Hilton

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I know the Hilton name is what got her famous in the first place, but unless we're having a discussion about Gilmore Girls or Romeo and Juliet or your European vacation, I'll know who you're talking about if you mention Paris. Having one name is like so hotttt.