17 Celebrities That Got Their Start on a Soap Opera

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Some stars shoot to stardom as kids or in a groundbreaking film. But some others got their start the old-fashioned way: by working really hard, taking a bunch of roles, and hoping for the best. Most of these actors did a stint or two on a soap opera along the way. Weekly soaps have been a jumping off point for some of the biggest celebrities in the world, believe it or not.

Soaps are known for being the ultimate in crazy drama. Falling down elevator shafts? Yup. Finding your long lost twin? Oh, yeah. Being in a train accident, a plane accident, and a car accident all in the same year? You betcha! These juicy storylines prepped and primed some of the biggest stars in the world to act out anything. Here are some of the most famous celebs that got their start on dramatic daytime TV!