17 Celebrities Who Look So Different Without Their Signature Hairstyle

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Hollywood might seem like a glamorous, very small place to those of us on the outside, but there are enough people for there to be major competition. This often leads celebrities to do things that will help them stand out. Publicity stunts or hooking up with another A-lister can help boost reputations. One simpler thing is to have a signature look.

Clothes are very much a part of creating a signature look, but having a signature hairstyle can be enough to make someone stand out. Think about it: Even if someone doesn't know a person by name, they can identify them by their well cultivated signature look. Think the girl with the ponytail. (You know who we're talking about.) Or the guy with the messy may-or-may-not-be-washed-or-combed hair. (Harry Styles)

There are a bunch of celebrities who have made their hairstyles one of their most defining traits, but even they like to switch things up now and again. Here are 17 celebrities who look so different without their signature hairstyle.