Celebrities Poke Fun at Charlie Sheen on Twitter

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In a rare moment of bravery, celebrities have chosen to put the PR bullshit aside and concentrate on what really matters: a good Charlie Sheen joke. Us Magazine reports that various celebrities have taken to Twitter, posting their best Charlie Sheen one-liners, ranging from his personal problems to Two and a Half Men being pulled from the air indefinitely. Here are some of our favorites:

  • John Stamos: “Contrary to the rumors, i am not replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and Half Men. however, Martin Sheen has asked me to be his son.”
  • Sarah Silverman: “If I hung out w 20 year old porn stars all the time time I'd think I was a genius too.”
  • Zooey Deschanel: “”MYSTERY SOLVED: now we know who the “half a man” is in “two and a half men.”…HINT: it's not the kid!!!!”

If it weren't for the fact that I think some jokes are funny enough that they must be said, regardless of who they could possibly offend, I would find this Twitter-bashing tasteless. Nevertheless, I love when celebrities show their human side, and crack a joke or an opinion that might be unpopular (for the record, I am not a Mel Gibson fan). And, to be fair, Charlie does give actors and comedians a lot to work with. But… I am starting to feel the teensiest bad for all the limelight that is shined on Charlie's various troubles. I definitely feel bad for him… but it's not going to stop me from trying to think of a Charlie Sheen one-liner to one-up these celebs.

(Photo via WENN)