19 Times Celebrities Got Mistaken For People Who Look Nothing Like Them

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It's understandable to get some celebrities mixed up — especially since we've seen so many Hollywood pairs that could pass for twins (like, say, Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman). However, it's a completely different story when a celebrity gets mistaken for someone who doesn't look like them at all. Or rather, when they get mistaken for other stars who have nothing in common with them aside from their ethnicity, their name, or (occasionally) their hairstyle.

While some celebrities take these mix-ups in stride, others actually take offense because it feels like people don't look beyond the color of their skin – especially if they're people of color. In fact, some have even gone as far as calling it racism because it reinforces the ridiculous idea that all people of a certain ethnicity look alike.

CNN anchor Don Lemon gave an interesting explanation as to why so many people tend to have these mix-ups. He said: “When someone is in our tribe, I think it’s particularly easier for us to tell them apart because we’re used to their facial features… People do look alike! There are features that African Americans have that are similar! There are features that white people have that are similar! Features that Hispanic people have that are similar!” And he also added that “it’s not about race.”

In all honesty, we've got mixed feelings about Don's comment, because while we get that people of the same race can share similar features, it's kind of a stretch to assume that literally all African Americans or all Hispanics share similar enough features to be mistaken for one another. Don't you think?

See which celebrities have gotten confused for other stars who look nothing like them: