7 Celebrities Who Know How To Make Fun Of Themselves

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There's nothing more attractive in a celebrity than one who doesn't take himself too seriously. And no one in the business is better at than than James Van Der Beek. As if he doesn't already permeate the dreams of many a girl because of his role on Dawson's Creek, he decided to propel his dreamboat status even higher by playing a fictionalized version of himself on the short-lived sitcom Don't Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. Imagining what Dawson might be like in today's world is enough to make me oversleep, and I have a feeling I'm not alone.

With JVDB (do people call him that? If not, I just started it.) turning 37 today, we decided to highlight some of the other celebrities who are also awesome at laughing at themselves.

1. Jimmy Fallon


Is there anything Jimmy won't do for a good joke? Case in point: He let his main bro Justin Timberlake play him in a recent SNL sketch.

2. Jennifer Lawrence


As if the American Hustle actress isn't already dominating 2014 with her acting chops (hellooo 3rd-straight Oscar nom), she's always blowing up the internet with her interviews and reactions. Check her out in the video above, kindly critiquing Dior about the infamous “I fell on the stairs” dress she wore when she won her Oscar.

3. James Franco


Remember when James hosted the 2011 Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway and was awful? Yeah, he does too and has never avoided talking about it.

4. Sandra Bullock


There's no one better than Miss Congeniality at talking candidly about what it's like being in the Hollywood spotlight. While I'd likely lose, I'd fight someone for a chance to call her a bestie.

5. Jason Biggs


The Orange is the New Black star proudly calls himself the “Jewiest looking non-Jew” on Twitter and creates fake audition videos. Enough said.

6. Matt Damon


I'm sure we can all agree that Matt's fully committed to his long-running fake feud with Jimmy Kimmel. Need proof? Watch this clip of his recent Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance.

7. Tina Fey


The former 30 Rock star isn't afraid of anything, as evidenced in the above video. Also, anyone who makes a nerdy childhood photo public is an instant hero of mine.