17 Celebrities Who Have Their Own Lifestyle Blogs

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In the magical age of the Internet, anyone can run their own blog. From fashion to lifestyle to food and fitness and everything in between, it seems like everyone has created (or at least thought about creating) their very own blog. But building a brand and running a successful blog takes plenty of hard work and determination – and not everyone is meant to be an influencer (no matter how hard they try on Instagram).

But between television appearances, acting roles, fashion lines, and modeling careers, these 17 celebrities can also add “lifestyle blogger” to their resume. From parenting tips to fitness, cooking, and fashion, these celebs cover it all in their popular lifestyle blogs. In the sea of all the lifestyle blogs that exist on the Internet, some celebs have exceled when it comes to lifestyle blogging – others, not so much. Keep on reading to see 17 celebrities who run their own lifestyle blogs!