17 Stars That Have Been Open & Honest About Their Struggles with Sobriety

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Substance abuse is a serious problem everywhere, and celebrities aren't immune to falling into its traps. But luckily, many have been able to regain control over their lives and achieve sobriety. Sobriety, though, can be tricky to maintain. You can be sober for years then suddenly fall back into the depths of drug addiction. And celebs are totally honest about this! Plenty have come forward to talk about their attempts to achieve sobriety and just how hard it can be to stay in that good place.

Over the years, we've seen far too many celebs who passed on way too soon after a battle with drug addiction. And we've seen some truly, truly turn their lives around. But they were honest with themselves and us through their entire journey, which is not easy to do but can change the lives of so many people. At the end of the day celebrities are people just like us, and they struggle like anyone else. Thankfully, they have a platform where they can share their stories and maybe help a few people like them along the way.