Crushable Quiz: Guess The Celeb Secret Talent

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Celebrities are famous for being good at a range of things, like singing, acting and socializing. Occasionally, they’re famous despite being really bad at those things, but are really beautiful, so we excuse it and throw fame their way anyway. But, I guess like normal people, a lot of them also have secret talents that they keep hidden until the stars align and the perfect cocktail party moment happens. Or, sometimes, they whip them out during interviews to send sweeping “wow”s across the nation. Because, no matter how many normal humans can tap dance or whatever, learning that a celebrity can do it too always shocks me way more. Call me crazy.

Whenever I find myself forgetting the fact that celebs don’t only exist to stir up scandal for me to gossip about, it’s always a fun surprise to be brought back to reality by finding out their real-people quirks. And, since I’m so selfless, I figured that that’d be something you’d be into as well. So, let’s see if you can guess which celeb seems most likely to have each hidden talent. And I’d love to know how you scored at the end!