21 Celebrities Who Actually Hate Their Fame

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Being famous, to all of us unfamous people, might seem like the dream. You have riches, a celebrity status and are always surrounded by gorgeous people. Of course, some celebrities love their fame and feel extremely fortunate to be where they are. Others, however, absolutely hate it.

The riches alone won’t make someone happy. The phrase, “money can’t buy happiness,” isn’t just something poor people say to make themselves feel better. It’s true. And even celebrities with all the money they could ever want sometimes want to trade it for some privacy.

It’s not unreasonable, either. How would you feel if every time you stepped outside your picture was being taken? It wouldn’t feel very good to have your relationship and personal life under a microscope for the world to criticize. These celebrities feel like their fame is actually a nuisance in their lives and they totally hate it.