9 Celebrities Who Have Filed For Bankruptcy

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9 Celebrities Who Have Filed For Bankruptcy The Office Michael Scott bankruptcy gif


Just because you’re a famous person who makes millions of dollars at your craft doesn’t mean you’re set for the rest of your life without the risk of financial issues. Like they say, mo’ money, mo’ problems. That’s why we’ve witness so many celebrities over the years fall on hard times, many of them going so far as to file bankruptcy, and not in the hilarious Michael Scott way either.

The latest celebrity to join the bankruptcy club is The Fosters actress Teri Polo, who is reportedly $1 million in debt. She’s far from the first. Here are nine more celebrities you might not have known (and will probably be surprised) have filed for bankruptcy.

1. Kim Basinger

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In 1993 Kim Basinger filed for bankruptcy after losing an $8 million breach-of-contract lawsuit for backing out of the movie Boxing Helena. Because of her money troubles, she had to sell her $20 million investment in the town of Braselton, Georgia. In case you forgot that Kim Basinger bought a town.

2. Aaron Carter

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Last November Aaron Carter filed for bankruptcy, and according to TMZ, he owed over $1 million to the IRS. The sad part is that he listed his dog among his assets with a value of zero. His rep claimed much of the debt was from the part of his career where he was a minor not in charge of his finances.

3. Burt Reynolds

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In 1996, due to a bad divorce from Loni Anderson and failed investments in a restaurant chain, the world’s most famous mustache-haver filed for Chapter 11. He’s had more money troubles in recent years, with his home going into foreclosure in 2011.

4. Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson filed in 2003, owing millions to the IRS and in a divorce settlement. His debt added up to $27 million. He hasn’t exactly had the most run-of-the-mill career otherwise, either, what with the ear-biting and the rape conviction and the face tattoo.

5. Teresa Guidice

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa and her husband Joe recently plead guilty to fraud. Before that came bankruptcy in 2009. It was filing for bankruptcy that led to inconsistencies being found in the couple’s financial documents. So bad stuff just led to more bad stuff for these two.

6. Willie Nelson

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in 1990 Willie Nelson filed for bankruptcy. He owed over $16 million to the IRS. To help pay off the debt, Willie released an album called The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories? All the proceeds went to the IRS. Well that’s an interesting method…

7. Toni Braxton

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Toni Braxton has filed for bankruptcy twice. The first time was in 1998, and the second time was in 2010. The second time she claimed her financial problems were worsened by her heart condition. Then in 2012 she was accused of bankruptcy fraud. She might as well make “bankruptcy” her middle name at this point.

8. Drake Bell

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Drake filed for bankruptcy in February of this year, reportedly owing $1.597 million. He apparently only made $14,099 in 2013.

9. Donald Trump 9 Celebrities Who Have Filed For Bankruptcy Donald Trump New York County Republican Committee Annual Lincoln Day Dinner February 2014 jpg

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That’s right. Even Mr. I’m Super Rich Look How Rich I Am has filed for bankruptcy. Multiple times. It hasn’t been personal bankruptcy, but rather corporate bankruptcy for his companies. And it’s happened four times now.