16 Once-Inseparable Stars Who Are Now Ex-Friends

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The Odyssey

Celebrity breakups are hard enough to handle, but if there's one split that is even worse to deal with — it's when two once-inseparable celebrity BFFs head to Splitsville. We had been living vicariously through their #BFFgoals Instagrams, lavish Snapchats of party pics and aww-worthy interviews singing one another's praises until — boom — it all comes to a screeching halt.

A lot of the time, the cause of the feud is unknown though other times it's front-page news. Did someone up-and-leave their band? Did they each choose different sides in a different celebrity feud? Or did one make a nasty comment in the press? Whatever the reason being the BFF breakup is, it makes us wonder if real, genuine love still exists — you know, the kind between two best friends.