‘Tis The Season For Celebrities Opening Presents They Hate On The Late Show With David Letterman

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David Letterman Celebrities Opening Gifts They Hate 12-20-13

Remember when you were a teenager and all you wanted for Christmas was a pair of Abercrombie jeans and Mudd boots, but your grandparents bought you a set of purple fleece pajamas with little penguins on them?  No?  Just me, then?  Regardless, I think we can all relate to opening something either a.) awkward, b.) undesired, c.) something meant for someone else but totally played off like it was for you, or d.) all of the above.  Which is why this video of celebrities opening awkward gifts backstage at The Late Show With David Letterman is so awesome.

A bulk-sized container of relish for Paul Rudd?  A foot spa for Josh Groban?  Yes and yes. These gifts remind me of being in elementary school and going to “Santa's Workshop” to pick out presents for your parents – with their own money, of course – and coming home with rings that would turn your mom's finger green and a tie for your dad even though he only wears them to weddings and funerals.  Maybe that's where I get my love of acting from, because man did they do a good job of pretending that junk was akin to solid gold.

While David Letterman isn't quite known for pulling of pranks as often as Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel, I don't see Emma Thompson (who is quickly becoming my favorite celebrity on the talk show circuit this year) and Sir Ian McKellan opening presents on their shows.