22 Celebrities Who Changed Their Names To Make It In Hollywood

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In Hollywood, it should come as no surprise that celebrities change their names often. If someone is trying to catch their big break, they can’t really do that with a boring, ordinary name. No offense to all the Sarah Smiths out there, but why do you think a Sarah Smith has never made it big in Hollywood? Exactly. On the other hand, some celebrities change their names because they feel that their birth names may be too hard to pronounce. Others want to change their names because of nicknames they had as children. Whatever their reason might be, it is still shocking to learn that a celebrity we’ve loved for years actually has an entirely different name.

It poses the question, what do their parents call them? Do their moms take offense to the name change? Or were their parents part of the decision to change their name to make it big in Hollywood? Some families change their names together, like Charlie and Martin Sheen. Did you know their last name is actually Estevez and only Emilio kept the name? They're definitely not the other ones!