17 Celebrities Who Got Real & Spilled the Tea About Their Own Breakups

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Breakups happen all the time, especially in Hollywood where relationships seem to all run on a double-speed timeline. Engagements can happen after two months, weddings after four and divorce after six. In fact, celebrity breakups are so frequent that if a couple can make it to a decade of marital bliss in Hollywood, it’s basically like being married for 50 years in the real world.

But, in spite of breakups being such an everyday occurrence in Tinseltown, it’s rare that we're ever privy as to why our favorite pairs split up. Which, honestly, seems a little unfair. We put so much energy into following certain relationships and cheering them on, that we just want some kind of explanation when they fall apart. Usually, all we get is “irreconcilable differences” or that “work” and “crazy schedules” were the deciding factor. But once in a while, a celebrity will give a rare interview outlining exactly what went wrong. We’ve rounded up 17 celebrities who got real about their breakups. Prepare to feel indulged.