20 Celebrities That Would Make a Way Better President Than Trump

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2. Oprah Winfrey


She's a successful talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist with her own TV network. And according to CNN, she is “arguably the world's most powerful woman.” Now imagine how epic it would be if she were to add “President of the United States” to her lengthy list of achievements.

If Oprah ever did run for president, we'd see three things. Number one, with her wealth, she'd easily be able to fund her campaign. Number two, due to her decades of experience on camera (whether it was by conducting interviews or having insightful discussions), she'd destroy her opponents during political debates. And third, she'd garner a ton of support from her core fan base and the female population. We're sure she'd make an ideal president because she's got the knowledge, the grit, and the backbone to do the job well.