20 Celebrities That Would Make a Way Better President Than Trump

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To say that America is under bad leadership feels like a drastic understatement. From the day that he was sworn in, President Donald J. Trump has already managed to screw up a laundry-list of things, from pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement to attempting to terminate DACA (aka deport millions of undocumented young immigrants). He has proven to be the most incompetent, immature, and narcissistic person to ever be voted into office. And perhaps this is why I feel the need preface this gallery by saying that literally anyone would make a better president than The Apprentice reality TV star.

Though it has been less than 300 since he was sworn in (not like anyone's counting), it feels more like we've been under his leadership for about a decade. At this point, we've endured more than enough of his childish tweets and inappropriate comments, so now, we're looking to some of the best celebrities who would put the president to shame if they ever had to opportunity to serve in his place. We should note that basically everyone on this list is well-versed in current political affairs and social issues. And that alone makes them way more qualified to do the job.

1. Meryl Streep


Remember that classic Golden Globes speech when Meryl called Donald out for being a heartless and inconsiderate bully? Well, that alone makes us want her to be our new president. She understands the importance of gender equality, that immigrants help this country thrive, that freedom of the press is important, and that empathy goes a long way. Meryl has the kindest heart and we're so lucky to have a talented legend like her among us. Plus, we feel like she'd fit right in at the oval office.