25 Pieces of Advice That Celebrities Would Give to Their Younger Selves

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Life would be so much easier if we could go back in time and tell our younger selves what we really needed to hear. And no, we're not talking about the answers to that pop quiz we flunked back in high school. We're talking about life-changing advice that could've saved us a ton of added stress, heartache and drama.

As kids and teens, we had to deal with things like puberty, peer pressure, bullying, popularity, crushes, and dating – all while trying to develop our own interests and values. It's a confusing and stressful time, and it seriously sucks that we can't use time machines to shelter our younger, naive selves from painful experiences. But at the same time, we appreciate the fact that they turned out to be teachable life-lessons that helped us grow.

To this day, there are tons of celebrities who share that same sentiment – and some even went as far as penning official letters to their younger selves. From their heartfelt words of encouragement to their hilarious tips, these words of wisdom will make even the coldest heart start to feel things.

1. Kerry Washington


Advice: “The things that challenge you the most in life are probably going to be the things that you look back on and are so grateful for because they made you better. So, the things that challenge you, try to be grateful for them and try to imagine how they have been put in your life specifically to help you.”

It's crazy how we always tend to forget this when we're having a tough time.