18 Celebrities Who Have Actually Admitted They’re Addicted to Sex

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Britney Spears makes a valid point. Sex is great. It increases intimacy with your partner, it boosts your mood, it leads to a ton of surprising health benefits and, not to mention, it feels amazing. However, there are some people who tend to take things a little too far… Or in other words, for them, sex is more like an addictive drug, because they just can't get enough of it.

There's an actual term for this, and it's called “sex addiction.” People who struggle with it can't control their sexual urges, and so this usually drives them to act on their thoughts (regardless of how disturbing they might be). And while this addiction never gives anyone a pass on their actions, it does show that there is a deeper cultural issue at the root that needs examining. According to the National Council on Sexual Addiction Compulsivity, it's estimated that six to eight percent of Americans (aka 18 million to 24 million people) are actually suffering from this condition.

Some of the most well-known celebrities have stepped up and admitted that they, too, have battled sex addiction. And some of the names on this list just might surprise you.